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Unlock the Value of in store real customer data

Capture 100% of customers’ transactions, gender, age, journey with affiliate stores and much more.
Hoobuyz’ AI and computervision powered solution offers game-changing opportunities for retailers by linking the in store transaction data to customers.This nowtoprovides a Single Customer View and derives deep rich customer insights, enhances customer engagement and achieves better operations.

Customer data like never before

Discover and unveil intelligent insights with Hoobuyz, the pioneering tech platform that Captures, Connects and Characterizes your customers to optimize your business sales, marketing and profitability.
Our mission is to convert an instore transaction into the beginning of a customer relationship by re-imagining and uncovering consumer insights.
A whole new world of opportunity is now available for retailers to engage with customers in a personalized and smart way with innovative and accurate  in- store transaction data that you can trust.

Your dashboard

Your dashboard can be used to understand, track, analyze, and show key performance indicators, metrics, and data points. Your real-time customers are now anonymously tracked so you can determine the effectiveness of your marketing activities and level of your sales.
The dashboard has been developed with every user of the business in mind; so whether you’re the CEO, head of business development or a marketer, this dashboard is perfect for you. You can customize your dashboard to your particular needsand dive deep into specific data fields, too.
This tool lets you improve your business development, work presentations and strategic planning.
You can now share complex data in a streamlined format for you and your colleagues to use.