hoobuyz features

We are in the business of personalizsing the customer experience by connecting the retailer and consumer and building on that relationship.
Learn more than ever before about your customerthan ever before, their individual shopping habits and this can help boost your marketing efforts.

Hoobuyzbuilds customer profiles to boost your understandingof consumer attitudes, what stimulates them to buy and compiles key demographic behaviors. Our tools and analytic resources help you identify and compile a complete picture that allows you to reach and target shoppers efficiently and effectively.

Drive Revenue

Enhance revenue and profit by proposing bespoke and incisive offers for every customer

Comprehensive Dashboard

Our analytics dashboard lets you to easily review a thorough and detailed overview of specific performance metrics

Artificial Intelligence

Our superb A.I. technology captures specific and key details to provide precise point-of-sale insights

Shopping Habits

Understand consumer habits viaHoobuyz’ advanced capabilities and intelligence

Customer Purchaser Journey

Building a customized dataset can be complex and tedious. Our technology is a reliable predictor of a customer’s behavior and shopping journey

Targeted Promotions

A.I. generates and converts key data into predictive variables that can be targeted at differentce consumer groups and segments.

Loyalty and Retention

Keep your customers engaged, loyal to the brand, and enable personalized customer offers

Harness Real-time Insights

Your real-time customer is no longer an enigma. Bricks and mortar retailers now knows who is shopping at their stores and how to keep them coming back

The Hoobuyz Service

Our service captures onsite analytics that you can use, alongside your online analytics, to build a holistic picture of your customer like never before. Hoobuyzsupports your business growth by providing comprehensive data and dashboards, but, it doesn’t stop there.
The new service means that you can put customers at the centre of all business decision making and create tailored experiences through linking customer transactions and customising that favourable experience with your brand.
Create a narrative around your customer. You can understand your consumers from their first in-store purchase and their continuing journey with you as they visit again and again.

Re-imagine, Revolutionize and Rediscover Retail

Future proofing the in-store retail experience
Nexus connecting
Transforming the in-store retail experience with AI
Learning about your customer like never before
Turning transactions into customer insights
Innovative AI that lets you understand customer habits
Delivering customer insights that transforms retail experience